Working Papers

In progress

The Impacts of Moving on Family Structure in US Army Data (with Susan Payne Carter, West Point - OEMA) Current version NBER WP IZA DP 

Reconciling the Decline in Job Changing with Trends in Employer Tenure (with Raven Molloy and Christopher L. Smith) - in preparation for ASSA/AEA 2018 session

Coming and Going: Encouraging Geographic Mobility at College Entry and Exit to Lift Wages - in preparation for The Hamilton Project


Working paper series

Explaining the Rise of Men in Nursing (with Elizabeth Munnich, U of Louisville). 2017. CEG Working Paper 

Declining Migration in the US: The Role of the Labor Market (with Raven Molloy and Christopher L. Smith, both Board of Governors). 2014. NBER and FEDS working papers